Letter to the editor


Dear Rachel Kimbrough and stu­dents of JCCC,

I am a proud and returning student of JCCC. I have been attending here on and off for about two years and love the school environment. There is one thing that I believe this school is missing. That is a football team. Football brings positive things to school environments. It would give JCCC students more opportunities to get involved with the school and fellow students. I have talked to several male athletes that feel the same as I do and would enjoying playing on the team.

If we had a football team we could host pep rallies for our team, have JCCC football cheerleaders, and so much more. School spirit would be improved around JCCC, and I believe students would be more interactive with the school. Game days could be days of excitement to be at school and support our team. With all the talk of having a new logo, I think we should bring in a football team as well.

Along with other sports at JCCC we are lacking one of the most interactive sports a college could have. We could possibly see im­provement within students and our student body as a whole. I hope in the time I spend at JCCC there will be more talk and effort into having a football team on campus.

Sincerely yours,



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