Letter to the editor


On page 14 of volume 34 issue 10 of the Campus Ledger there is a small blurb by Ann Williams in the bottom left corner about rebranding. My first problem with it was, as a journalist, why are there ex­clamation marks? Why? There were two in a small blurb. I’m amazed the writer could even fit two in the story. This is the problem with journal­ism today. The writer couldn’t make the distinction between a professional setting and social media. I realize journalism is falling off, but please hold your staff to some sort of standard.

The second problem I have with the story was the story itself. The writer griped about rebranding the school during the tough economic times. I don’t think the writer did an ounce of research to come to her misguided conclusions. If she had, she would have found out that rebranding is a common occurrence, even when money is tight, because a rebranding, done correctly, will create revenue and pay for it­self. The article was half-baked. It was merely a writer trying to fill space. If you’re going to publish someone, hold them to a professional standard of some sort.

-Connor Cape


Editor’s note: The piece to which Cape is referring is a letter to the editor from adjunct profes­sor Ann Williams. As stated in the masthead and in accordance with journalistic standards, the Ledger does not alter letters to the editor before they are printed.


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