WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Letter to the editor


After reading your most recent issue I am taken back by a couple of articles.  I do not have a copy with me, so cannot refer to them by name.  The one about the former student being deported is very one-sided.  I would have liked to see the journalist address what the student should have done beforehand to be completely legal (including the licensing of the vehicle in question).

However, the biggest issue I have is that I am over 50 and working on my degree, while maintaining a full 40-hour work week.  There is so much going on at the school that I never know about because I am usually there for just my classes.  The article that addressed lackluster voting turnout for the student senate and campus activities is a prime example.  I do not know about these things unless I see a poster somewhere, and usually do not know what they mean.  And the whole world is turning anti-smoking, so what do I care if the college follows suit.  I smoke, but I follow the posted rules.  Many people do not, and I understand some of them when a teacher gives a 5 minute break in a 3 hour class and it takes that long just to make it one way to your car.

Keep up the good work.

Geo Cochran


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