Letter to the editor

My husband and I recently attended a function at Yardley Hall and picked up a copy of “The Campus Ledger” to pass the time until our event began. Your article about our welfare system was so SPOT ON I felt compelled to thank you!! I wish that clear, to the point, honest piece would find itself in the Kansas City Star!! Or, in WASHINGTON. A policy of not feeding the bears is such a simple one. If we care so much that the animals in the forest not become dependent, why should we not care as much for our fellow citizens. I worry that elected officials are pandering and buying votes with their dole of our monies. It’s totally exasperating to feel voiceless as this all unfolds. Thank you for putting our feelings into words so positively perfect!!
When you run for President, please enlist our help. YOU HAVE OUR VOTE
In total admiration, Leanna and Maurice Holdgraf
Community members


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