Column: Kudos to the administration


By Mackenzie Clark

Too frequently, I find myself with some sort of bone to pick with the administration of this college. However, recently they handled a very difficult situation as well as they possibly could.

If you read the article on page two of this issue, you know that former professor William Hailey was terminated from the college after sending quite disturbing text messages to a student.

Multiple administrators, now, have told me that this termination occurred within an hour of substantiating the claims of harassment.


In a situation like this, or, for example, the Jerry Sandusky case, the only logical policy is zero tolerance. Abusing a position of power in a way that could scar a victim for life is absolutely absurd.

I congratulate and thank the administration for their actions in this case, and highly encourage any victims of harassment – verbal, physical or otherwise – to come forward immediately.

Now let’s just hope no one else falls victim to Hailey once he finds a different job.

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