Letter to the editor from Evan Payne: ‘I gatta dumb it down for those liberals!’


David Hortado brought up a good point in his column about affirmative action. It’s totally reverse discrimination! Problem: those fat cats in Washington don’t know it! In fact, I couldn’t find anything in any amendments about a legal entity called “reverse racism” or “reverse sexism” for that matter! Now we find that it doesn’t protect whites from discrimination on the basis of their skin! This means that if reverse discrimination is a distinct social phenomena, without a legal counterpart any Negroid American, as well as in some cases getting jobs or into school, could just walk up to any Caucasian, a call him a “cracker” a “honky” or even a “white boy” and not be committing a hate crime at all!

He made another point. We need to restore pure capitalism! The more free the market the better! Society is that simple. We need to abolish all child labor laws; they interfere with the hiring process. And abolish the abolition of slavery; It drives wages up! No wonder the corporations outsource! American Capitalism has been crippled by the state! I know without a doubt that Blacks want to drive their wages up within the social confines Whites have created! Ayn Rand warned us! And if Martin Luther King were alive, he would let us twist his words to support an economic system he didn’t agree with!

End the oppression against whites! Before the Mexicans kill us all with drugs and take our land! It’s like Malcolm X said: White Power!

-Evan Payne, student


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