Column: Valuing our veterans


By Stephen Cook

Veterans Day should last all year long

As we continue to celebrate Veterans Awareness Month and look back on Veterans Day, it is important that we think about how veterans have really affected our daily lives.

It can be all too easy to go into a generalizing thought process, not truly considering the individuals — each face and person — that served in the armed forces.

Individuals have selflessly put their lives on the line as a part of their job.

I know the U.S. is politically divided, but it breaks my heart when Americans disrespect veterans. Regardless of what party you subscribe to, you should have enough of a soul to appreciate the fact that somebody that didn’t even know you could have died for their country.

As a society, we should prize our veterans at the highest level. Without them, our country literally wouldn’t exist.

Veterans shouldn’t be celebrated only one time a year, just as you shouldn’t only be thankful on Thanksgiving.

Without the service of many veterans, we – the Campus Ledger – wouldn’t have the freedom and rights that we do under the First Amendment. In other words, free speech and journalism exists because of brave soldiers who have had the courage and have cared enough to go to the front lines, keeping our country free.

No matter who you are, you can be respectful and thank a veteran.

If you know of a student veteran in your class, for example, why not genuinely take the time and get to know them? You might not just end up with a deeper view of the world, but with a great friend as well.

Although November is drawing to a close, I hope that the awareness of veterans continues to grow and change the way we approach our daily lives.

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