The Pros and Cons of Valentine’s Day


Fall in love with Valentine’s Day

By Jessica Skaggs

Conversation hearts. Chocolates. 50 different shades of red. Over-sized teddy bears and pajama grams. While these are all the general ideas that come to mind every Feb. 14. the day really is much more. Although there are some who say Valentine’s Day is a waste of time and money, I beg to differ.

Sure, the over-the-top stuffed animals are weird. The chocolates and candies that destroy even the most sincere month or so resolutions are a bit much. But to me, Valentine’s day just isn’t about all those material things.

Yes, I know. The history of this day rests in the legacy of St. Valentine. And that’s great. But it’s not what makes this day so lovely. At least, I don’t commemorate the day because of him.

Rather it’s a day that has been transformed and dedicated to the celebration of acts of love. Gestures that go beyond the day to day interactions in meaningful relationships. And while acts of love ideally should be shown every day, Valentine’s day provides an opportunity to make it something even sweeter than normal.

If you’re in a relationship, then take advantage of the opportunity Valentine’s day offers. Do something significant for the other in your life. Although the media and commercials will convince you the only way to make the special someone in your life feel significant is to break the bank, that simply is not the case. Sure expensive stuff is nice. But it’s just material. What makes whatever it is you get your certain someone special, is the thought put behind it. And certainly not the price tag.

And may I suggest that if the price tag is all your romantic partner is interested in, that you rid yourself of the nightmare waiting to happen and find someone who can appreciate the sentiment of thought behind gifts as opposed to the monetary value.

The day will be what you make it to be. So if you’re not in a romantic relationship, take a break from your pity party of one watching hours on end of the Walking Dead or Gossip Girl and take some advice from Serena Van der Woodson. Get a manicure and eat macaroons with your best friend. If that’s not your thing, do something as simple and special for a family member or close friend as buying them coffee. Not only will it make them feel good, but you as well.

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