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The college’s volleyball squad is once again at the top of the nation this year. A big reason is because of sophomore Bri Pontious. Pontious was a key part of the team finishing third in nationals last season and continues to be instrumental this season. She leads the team in kills this year and is sixth in the Jayhawk confer­ence with 201 on the season and was vot­ed KJCCC player of the week three weeks ago. Pontious and the 12-4 Cavs play four games this weekend in the JCCC Chal­lenge.

1. What has it been like to be at a place with so much tradition in volleyball?
“It’s really fun. It makes you love the sport even more and want to work even harder for your goals as a team.”

2. What made you get into volleyball when you were younger?
“I really didn’t start playing until my eighth grade year. I didn’t really know much about the sport or anything; I just decided to go out because my parents told me to try it out, but I’m glad I did.”

3. What has been the best moment or most memorable part of your career so far?
“The best moment would be winning the state championship my senior year. From the very beginning of my high school career I wanted to win state my senior year and go out with a bang. Our school also had never won a state championship in volleyball so getting to put up that very first banner was pretty cool too.”

4. What has it been like to play for Coach Ei?
“It’s a lot different from high school and club coaches. She’s a great coach and really knows how to push us to be better players. She’s tough on us as a team and individually because she believes in us so much and I don’t think we ever thank her for that. It’s been great and I’m really glad I get the opportunity to play for her. She really has taught me a lot.”

5. What do you enjoy the most about the team this year?
“We really get along this year. From the very beginning we clicked and just came together. The girls are all great players and we really push each other every practice.”

6. What do guys do best and what can you guys improve on?
“We do best at playing together as a team. We pick each other up and work together. We could still work on some things here and there but overall we are a great team in every aspect.”

7. Do you plan on playing at a four year?
“Yeah, I have no idea where I want to go yet though.”

8. Who is your favorite athlete?
“It’s a tie between Destinee Hooker and Kerri Walsh.”

9. What is your favorite food?
“I love wings and Mexican food.”

10. What is your favorite movie?
“My favorite movie is ‘The Conjuring’.”

11. Who is your favorite music artist?
“Mike Stud.”

12. What is your dream job?
“I want to be a Veterinarian at a zoo.”


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