Staff Editorial: E-cigarettes are different, let’s treat them as such


A look around campus would re­veal some students who think it’s okay to smoke e-cigarettes on cam­pus. The truth is that they’re differ­ent from regular cigarettes and we think they should be treated as such. Maybe a college campus isn’t the best place to try this, but there are public places that should consider it.

The use of an e-cig causes a bit of a social policy enigma amongst com­munities. More research needs to be conducted on the products them­selves because they’re only increas­ing in popularity.

If people want e-cigs to be legal here on campus then they should speak up about it instead of com­plaining. We consider the devices as a little tacky and they’re still experi­mental due to the little information that is known. However, the FDA should at least look into the second­hand smoke factor.

It is normal for people to fear what they don’t understand, so before gov­ernment officials write off e-cigs, they should be fully aware of what they’re banning. If e-cig users want to be tak­en seriously by the higher-ups then that needs to be proven in the right way.

A lot of people who use e-cigs will tell you that they use the products to “kick the habit,” but have they really kicked anything? If e-cigarettes are significantly better for humans then they need to be marketed and treated as such. The little information that is known needs to be expounded upon if users would like to see a change amongst social policies.


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