Police Briefs


Possessions stolen from locker room

Members of a student organization returned from practice to find that their possessions were stolen from the women’s locker room on Nov. 12 between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Five members had left items such as wallets and phones in the women’s coaches’ locker room where they were unattended.

Cell phone stolen

A student’s cell phone was stolen when she accidentally left it in a green chair outside of Carlsen Center room 115. The student had been sitting in the chair and accidentally left her phone when she left. After she realized it was missing, the student returned to the chair and the phone was gone.

Backpack missing

A student left his backpack in a classroom on the third floor of the Carlsen Center on a Friday afternoon. He initially thought he had misplaced the backpack and checked other locations he had visited prior to class but was unable to locate the it or any of its contents. He reported to campus police that he believes it was stolen.

Compiled by Christina Lieffring, news editor, clieffri@jccc.edu


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