Staff Editorial: Can we truly give thanks?

Black Friday is perhaps the most ironic day of the whole year. One day, we give thanks for what we have, and the next, someone might die over a One Direction doll. Hundreds of people will line up outside of stores for the best product deals in hopes of getting to them before someone else beats them to it — no, literally, they might physically beat you to it.

Years ago it seemed that Black Friday didn’t actually start until Friday (as the name suggests) and now those “doorbuster sales” will start as early as 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving. So basically the whole point of Thanksgiving gets thrown out the window.

Every year, a number of reports come out in the news that talk about how people get injured and even killed over materialistic items.

Even if you venture out into the madness don’t be one of those people. No item or present is worth your well being.

Additionally, it’s funny that the holidays are meant to be about giving back. The holidays are usually a time when kids are constantly reminded that Santa Claus is coming! However, it’s probably the parents who should mind their manners. And yet Black Friday now kicks off the holiday craziness.

We buy gifts for our friends and family in hopes they will like it. Let’s not forget that the greatest gift is the relationship you have with them though.

This year we challenge you to take a look around, whether you’re at a party or not, and truly be happy for people you have around. At the end of the day what TV you own, what clothes you wear or what car you drive doesn’t really matter.

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