Staff Editorial: Ignorance towards Michael Brown adds fuel to the fire


The efforts of the police and media to villanize Brown is disgusting and a trend. The same has happened in every recent case where an unarmed young black person was killed by a white person. Treyvon Martin wore a hoodie and had traces of marijuana in his system. Jordan Davis was listening to loud expletive-laced rap music. Renisha McBride had alcohol in her system and photos from her phone were circulated for people to question her lifestyle.

But all of this is against the point.

Michael Brown wasn’t an angel but he was human. And regardless of what kind of human he was, one of the founding principles of our nation is the rule of law that states that all suspects will be treated with due process.

In Brown’s case, the rule of law has failed. We don’t know what happened that day and we don’t know why Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown. Wilson gave testimony at the grand jury hearing but there are red flags and incon­sistencies with his testimony that do not match up with the physical evidence of the case. It warrants an investigation and trial. I do not want to live in a country where young men are gunned down in the street by the authorities that then do not have to answer for their actions.



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