Cavalier Star Watch: Alexis Brown

By James Howey
Photo by Julia Larberg
Photo by Julia Larberg

The college’s basketball squad is continuing its run as a national power this year. The team is 23-2 and looks to close out the season strong after falling off a little. The Cavs have great depth, and freshman guard Alexis Brown is one of the key players who contributes to the depth of the Cavs. Brown is the team’s second-leading scorer, averaging 12.8 points per game. Brown and the Cavs look to maintain their success and advance to nationals later this year, which will be hosted by the college again this season.

James Howey: What has made this team so strong this season?

Alexis Brown: The very supportiveness we have on the team. We all act together on the court and there are not many selfish people. So we all play together as a team.

JH: What has it been like for you coming into this very successful program?

AB: It’s actually been good. From the coaches to the team, they’ve been very supportive and very helpful if you need anything.

JH: How have you been able to have so much success this season with it being your first season?

AB: A lot of individual work, as in like shooting in the gym, and extra help from the coaching staff has been very helpful.

JH: How high do you think this team’s ceiling is, and how far do you think this team can go?

AB: I think it’s very high; I think we can go to nationals and probably win it if we just stick together and play as a team on the court.

JH: What can you guys improve on down the stretch of the season?

AB: Playing together more and less drama off the court. As long as we’re playing together on the court and not being selfish as an individual, then we’ll go far.

JH: What would you say has always and continues to motivate you to do your best on the court?

AB: My dad. He got me where I am now. He’s not alive right now, but he just motivates me to keep going.

JH: Who is your favorite athlete?

AB: LeBron James.

JH: What is your favorite food?

AB: Hot wings.

JH: What is your favorite movie?

AB: Love and Basketball.

JH: Who is your favorite music artist?

AB: Lil Wayne.

JH: What is your dream job?

AB: Definitely to be in the WNBA, but if not that, then I’d like to be a physical therapist.


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