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Student comments on profanity around campus

I am writing about an issue that has gotten worse on the JCCC campus over the past couple years that I have been a student. That issue is the use of vulgar and profane language by students while they are in a common area (such as the cafeteria, benches outside of classrooms, etc.). In order to illustrate exactly what I am referring to, I will give a couple encounters I have had.

One incident occurred while I was sit­ting at a table near the entrance of the caf­eteria while I was waiting to meet a friend. As I was waiting for my lunch guest to ar­rive, I could not help but overhear a group of male students’ conversation (because they were speaking very loudly), which consisted of a slew of obscenities. They were using words like “s#@t, M.F., G.D., the “N” word, and bi#@h!” I could not believe what I was hearing for a couple reasons: 1) College is supposed to be a place of learning, not a street corner. 2) The cafeteria is a common area with females, elderly students/employees, and possibly children present.

Another incident happened just this afternoon at a lounge area on the second floor of OCB. I was sitting on a bench read­ing a book about twenty feet away from a bank of chairs where two young men were sitting. My reading was rudely interrupted by many “bi#@hes, s#@t’s, G.D.’s” and so on. Again, I was shocked by how freely these vulgar words were being spewed from the mouths of fellow JCCC students. I tried to bite my tongue as best as I could, but again, there were many females walk­ing by these individuals as they spouted their profanity, so I decided to approach the male students. I politely let them know that their language was not appreciated and that they needed to be aware of their surroundings, as they were using the B-word excessively with many females within earshot. The two males looked at me as if I were the rude person in the scenario, but at least they stopped their profanity.

I truly believe this issue needs to be addressed, because every single student is a representative of JCCC, and first im­pressions are lasting. I know that I do not want those kind of students representing me or my college, and I am sure that JCCC President Dr. Sopcich and the JCCC Board of Trustees also do not want to be repre­sented by foul-mouthed individuals.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions/ comments concerning this matter.
Joshua S. Gillihan-Young



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