Staff Editorial: Ledger to take more online focus in autumn

The Campus Ledger has been the bi-week­ly student-run publication of the college for a little over 36 years now. However, the Ledger will be switching to monthly next autumn.

This can be viewed as both a good and bad idea, depending on the person you ask. We have received feedback from readers expressing their displeasure. Rest assured, while there will be a monthly copy, we will constantly be releasing our online edition.

A lot of publications are heading in this direction, and student publications in par­ticular are embracing it. This allows the Ledger to grow as an entity. The monthly printed edition will mainly be focusing on the visuals along with feature stories and human interest pieces.

Additionally, it’s our belief that some staff members have already taken strides toward covering breaking news on and off campus. An increased online presence will allow us to bring your news to you faster.

Along with the online issues, we will be expanding our social media reach as well. With this, breaking news that you need to know can be relayed to you faster.


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