Muslim Student Association holds lecture on Islam


by Sean Hull

Features editor

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) will host a lecture tonight by prominent regional Muslim speaker Abdullah Bayazid.

According to Isaac Kaba, the events coordinator for the MSA, Bayazid is well respected throughout the Kansas City area as an important voice on Islam.

“He likes to spread the message of Islam. He likes to lecture people about it [and] share ideas that he has about Islam. He’s very credited throughout the Johnson County and Kansas City area, and a lot of people know him as a great speaker,” said Kaba.

The lecture will focus on Bayazid’s ideas on the events of Judgment Day, as well as the Islamic viewpoint of Jesus.

Anyone is free to attend the lecture tonight, and the MSA encourages people of different faiths to attend the event to learn more about Islam and the people of Islam.

“It’s basically like one of those situations where any student would be able to peek their head in, and anyone is more than welcome to attend the lecture. Islam teaches nothing but peace and love for God,” said Alex Blum, the president of the MSA.

Kaba is passionate about the need to educate non-Muslim students about Islam.

“I just want to put the message out there and let everyone know that Islam is not what people perceive it to be, it’s not what they think of it as and that we’re people just like anyone else,” said Kaba.

The event will be held tonight in the Craig Auditorium, GEB 233, from 6:30 to 8:30.

For more information about the event and the MSA, visit their Facebook page or attend a meeting held every other Tuesday from 3 to 5 p.m.  


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