Winter weather brings challenges for students, faculty


By Aksinya Kichigina

Reporting Correspondent

Driving on campus can be challenging and hazardous in any season of the year. However, during the winter, driving can become more complicated and unsafe for some students, faculty or staff.

According to Officer Dan Robles, crime prevention officer, campus police provides students with a winter driving safety brochure, highlighting tips to promote safe winter driving. In addition, students will see information from the brochure on campus TV monitors throughout campus.

The pamphlet is available on the college’s website and in person, as Robles takes the winter driving safety booklet with him and makes it accessible on high-traffic pedestrian areas, where there are a lot of students, faculty and staff, or even visitors on campus.

Robles and campus police have hopes that with the winter driving tips, accidents on campus will decrease if they give the information that is needed to make driving safer for students. However, right now, even with no snow on the ground, the campus averages about three to four accidents per week.

The campus services and facility planning department are also responsible for safety on campus by plowing parking lots during heavy snowfall. Rex Hays, associate vice president, shared the information of how they prepare the campus for the various weather conditions.

“The grounds and maintenance department is responsible for plowing the parking lots during the winter season,” said Hays.  

In order to make the roads and parking lots on campus safe, the grounds and maintenance department uses the sand and salt mix to cover them up.

“We want to make the campus safe for everybody who uses it. So we come in ahead of time and we spread the salt and sand,” Hays said.

The campus services department makes a judgment call based on the weather conditions. Hays said they come in even at two in the morning based on the amount of snow and how long it’s going to take them to cover the roads.

For more information on winter safety, visit the crime prevention tips section of the college’s website.



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