Student Concert Series begins this week


Kim Harms

Staff reporter

Every semester the college hosts an event called the Student Concert Series. The series begins with auditions where students can show off their musical talent in front of a group of judges. Students are then chosen by the judges to be performers in the series and be scheduled to perform each week and entertain students in the Food Court.

Student Activities Ambassador Monica Narvaiza Lewis explained what exactly the Student Concert Series is.

“The Student Concert Series is a way for students to perform in front of people and earn extra money. They can do the series to help further their career or they can just do it as a hobby because they like it,” said Lewis.

The series takes place every semester. Auditions for the Fall semester took place during the first week of Fall classes. Performances will start this month.

“The performances are every Wednesday,” said Lewis. “The first performance begins on September 14 and they will take place throughout the whole semester.”

The next set of auditions will take place at the start of next semester. Lewis shared her advice for anyone who thinking about auditioning for the series, especially if they are trying to pursue a career in music.

“Get out there and practice. See if you can perform in front of people. You have got to get that stage fright under control. The opportunities [the college] is giving you are so that you can get that practice,” said Lewis.

Anyone wanting to watch the performances can go to the first floor of the COM building every Wednesday afternoon. The performances will feature several different types of musical talent and will be an exciting way to liven up any student’s school day.



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