Center for Sustainability ends Harvest Days with treats

Kelly Smith, a Sustainability Intern at the college, helps Student Engagement Ambassador Mark Ruskikh make a banana smoothie with a “blender bike.” The contraption only requires the use of a human to power the blades within the blender, making it 100 percent electricity free. Photo by Andrew Hartnett, The Campus Ledger.

Nell Gross

News Editor

The Center for Sustainability held their annual Harvest Party in the COM Plaza on Thursday. This event is part of a week long event called Harvest Days that the center holds once a semester.

Harvest Days is held during the last week of September in an effort to start a conversation about sustainability on campus and to encourage students to learn more about the Student Sustainability Committee and the Student Environmental Alliance.

“We’re trying to get our name known on campus so people can actually come to our events and want to join our clubs,” Sustainability intern Kelly Smith said. “Not everybody is going to want to completely change their environment, but if we could at least start with our campus that would be a big step.”

The week of activities began with a trip to the campus farm to harvest produce to be used later in the week. On Tuesday the group held a showing of the film “Last Call at the Oasis” which discusses the earth’s relationship with water, followed by a panel with the Sierra Club. The produce harvested by students on Monday was served during the Harvest Lunch on Wednesday. The week ended with the Harvest Party.

The activities during the Harvest Party included making s’mores using a solar cooker and peach cobbler smoothies made by students riding a stationary bike with a blender attached. Since many of the things the groups do aren’t always seen around campus, the goal was to demonstrate the types of things the organizations take part in and to encourage student interaction.

“They’re kind of flamboyant displays of how cool environmental awareness and the things that you can do with what’s around you are,” Sustainability intern Elizabeth Cloud said. “It’s all man and environment-powered snacks.”


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