Phi Theta Kappa and Honors program offer pumpkin carving

Student Jo Holland smiles with her pumpkin she decorated at Monday's carving. Photo by Kim Harms, The Campus Ledger.

Kim Harms

Sports editor

The college’s Honors program and Phi Theta Kappa hosted a pumpkin carving event this afternoon in preparation for Student Senate’s Trick-or-Treat for Kids. The Trick-or-Treat will provide games, food and the pumpkins that were carved today.

Jo Holland, a student involved with setting up the pumpkin carving event, discussed how the Honors program and Phi Theta Kappa received the pumpkins.

“This is our very first [pumpkin carving] and hopefully we will be doing it again next year,” Holland said. “KC Pumpkin Patch in Olathe donated all of the pumpkins for our event.”

Every carved pumpkin will be used for either decoration or donation. Holland summarized the three different ways the pumpkins will be used.

“We’re allowing students to take their carved pumpkins home if they want to,” Holland said. “Some of them will be used as decoration for Student Senate’s Trick-or-Treat. We’ve donated the guts from the pumpkins to sustainability so they can turn it into compost.”

With Halloween approaching next week, Holland offered up her advice for carving a pumpkin.

“I think you need to make a personal relationship with your pumpkin. Let it tell you what it wants to be. Don’t be afraid to give it a scary mouth,” Holland said.

William Soriano, student, described in detail the pumpkin he had just finished carving.

“My pumpkin’s name is Jack, but not how you normally spell Jack,” Soriano said. “It’s with an ‘at’ sign in place of the ‘a’ because he wanted to be hip even though he’s a pumpkin. He’s my little brother’s best friend so I have to be nice to him.”

Soriano’s pumpkin had a gruesome appearance at one point, featuring pumpkin guts and seed spilling out its carved mouth. Soriano explained the unique detail.

“His arteries are clogged because of his cholesterol, I think,” Soriano said. “I’m a pumpkin doctor by the way so I’m trying to bring him back to health.”

Student Senate’s Trick-or-Treat for Kids will take place Friday, Oct. 28th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in COM 318 and 322. Free food and games will be provided.


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