Glee club gives students a chance to share their voice

De’Ausha Marshall, sings a song in one of the Glee Club meetings that are held in GEB 233. The Glee Club is a student group that focuses on expressing individuals through music. Photo by Henry Lubega, The Campus Ledger

Kim Harms

Sports editor

The glee club is more than a group group of students who sing together. The club has become a place where students can express themselves and share their love for music with others.

Terri Teal, club adviser, described what glee club is traditionally known for. Similar to choir, glee club involves students singing together.

It is the traditional name for students who join together to sing for fun,” Teal said. “Some schools (like Harvard) have very fine glee clubs – nearly professional level ensembles.”

Glee club and choir have their similarities, but they also have their differences. Teal says the main contrast is leadership.

“One of the main differences is that glee club rehearsals are run by the students themselves usually,” Teal said. “Whereas a choir is directed by a professional musician.  Choirs are not clubs.  They are simple choirs or choral ensembles.”

The glee club has only been around since November 2013. De’Ausha Marshall, student, helped start the club because she wanted bring her passion of singing to the college and shine a light on those who weren’t as comfortable singing the choir music provided in high school.

“In high school, I wanted some type of club that would include each and everyone from every background,” Marshall said. “You always have people who stand out more than the other ones so they are picked more often for every solo. Then you have people who are very quiet,who have wonderful voices and don’t feel comfortable singing music the teacher is providing. I wanted to create this club so people can get out of their shell and just sing.”

Marshall began petitioning for the club when she was taking a voice class. She found the opportunity to help students showcase their singing talents.

“I was in voice class and I wasn’t in choir yet so I thought this would a great opportunity for me to get people out there singing and making sure that their voice is heard,” Marshall said.

The club’s outreach goes further than the college. Outside performances at nursing homes and schools are part of what the club does throughout the year.

“We have done performances in the past. We’ve sung at nursing homes and schools,” Marshall said. “That’s what we tend to do. We want to do more things such as singing in front of a bigger audience, but not everyone is comfortable with that. We did sing the national anthem for the Veteran’s club for 22KILL [awareness campaign].”

The club makes sure to include a variety of performance groups. The groups range from trios to solos and cover genres from classical to rap.

“In the beginning, we did more of a group thing where everyone was singing,” Marshall said. “I personally picked the more classical repertoire because it’s easier to teach people how to read sheet music. We a mixture of different things. We do big group things, we do trios, duets and we do solos. It just depends on how people are feeling.”

Marshall said if a student in the club wishes to do a solo, all they have to do is ask. She said she never wants to deny someone who wishes to share their voice.

“If a person wants to sing a song like a solo or something like that, then you have every opportunity to,” Marshall said. “I want you to get out there and sing your solo that you want to do.”

Teal said the club is not limited to those who have a background in music or choir and that any student may join. Teal said students should join so they can share what they enjoy doing with those who have the same passion.

To learn more about joining the glee club, contact Teal at The club meets every Wednesday from 3 to 5:30 p.m. in the Craig Auditorium.


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