Welcome Week continues with Cav Kickoff


Joe Hooper

Managing editor


Students, faculty, staff and recruiters flooded Fountain Square and COM Plaza today in celebration of Cav Kickoff, the centerpiece of the college’s annual welcome week. Hundreds of students filed through the area, visiting tables and participating in activities set up by various clubs and organizations as well as enjoying free items ranging from food to memorabilia.

Those in attendance included new student and Student Senate hopeful, Kass Clair. Clair, who said she has been a student at the college for just two weeks, took full advantage of the event, joining nearly 15 clubs and organizations from around campus.

“I’m part of the [Black Student Union], the computer club, anime, LGBT [and the] Baptists,” Clair said. “[I’m] not Baptist, but they wanted my support.”

While Clair found many clubs that interested her, she said she felt the college is missing a group that helps to orient incoming students.

“I’d really enjoy seeing a freshman club,” Clair said. “It’s kind of overwhelming when you get here so it’d be kind of nice to have a space for [new students].”

Student Alex Allmon said while he’s never been one for clubs, he had particular interest in the Kansas University table, which, along with several other colleges present, offered information to prospective students. However, Allmon said the biggest draw for him were the free items.

“I’ve gotten a foam finger, a shirt, a toy car and lots of other things,” said Allmon.

Among the groups offering free items and activities was the Center for Sustainability, which works to inform students and faculty of sustainable practices on campus. Sustainability Intern Charlene Hansen said the activities offered at the table drew considerable interest from passing students.

“A lot of people are interested in playing the recycling game and the post-consumer composting we’re putting out on campus,” Hansen said.

Welcome Week continues on Friday, August 25 with the Welcome Week Waste Audit from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in COM Plaza.

Those interested in the Center for Sustainability’s plans for the semester can find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JCCCSustainability/ or Twitter @SustainableJCCC


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