Spooks, flicks and kicks in the Student Lounge

Students play video games in the student lounge on the third floor of the Commons building. File photo, The Campus Ledger

Caleb Latas

Staff reporter


The Student Lounge celebrates Halloween and soccer this October with events and games planned.

On Oct. 25, the lounge is hosting a FIFA 18 tournament to celebrate the game’s release and give FIFA-fanatics a chance to prove their skills and win prizes. Students can sign up now in COM 319, or show up day of to play.

For horror junkies and Halloween fans, the end of October offers the chance for students to get their screams in at school. There will be a Halloween Movie Day on Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for those interested in stopping by and watching some scary movies throughout the day.

The Halloween Boo Bash on Oct. 31 will feature a haunted house, and horror video games to frighten students before they set out on Halloween night.

Sara Coble, games and tournament lead for student ambassadors, organizes the video game tournaments in the Student Lounge, and expects a large turnout for the FIFA 18 tournament.

“Twenty to 30 students on average show up for the tournaments,” Coble said. “Whether to participate or watch. We are expecting a large turnout.”

Kyron Mitchell, student, plays FIFA and will be competing in the tournament.

“I’m planning on coming out to the tournament,” Mitchell said. “If it’s international I’ll probably play as Belgium, if not I’ll play with PSG.”

For Coble and the lounge, their focus this semester has been on providing events that the students have real interest in, not necessarily events the Student Ambassadors are interested in. They are looking to expand the types of tournaments as well.

“We have a suggestion box, where students can leave ideas for games and tournaments,” Coble said.

Patrick Seagraves, student, said he isn’t interested in FIFA but he is interested in seeing the horror games at the Halloween Boo Bash.

“I’ll come for the video games,” Seagraves said. “I won’t probably play them but I’ll watch them. I think they’d be fun to watch.”

For more information on the Halloween events head over to the Student Lounge in COM 319.


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