Cavalier Baseball cancels season

By Caleb Durland ( Durland is the sports video producer for The Campus Ledger. He is currently enrolled in the web development and digital media program. He also creates Chiefs content for Arrowhead Guys. His hobbies include watching football and playing video games.


COVID-19 has spread rapidly across America and has shut down almost everything. JCCC is now operating remotely because of the virus. One activity that has been canceled for the remainder of the school year is JCCC baseball.

We talked to Cavs outfitter Quinton Hall about the cancellation of the baseball season. Hall talked about how he has been running and doing home workouts to stay in shape for summer baseball and for the next spring season. Quinton reminisced on the season saying that he believed that his team would have made it to the world series if the season had not been canceled. His teammate Landen Wood felt the same.

(Landen Wood) “I think we could have ended up in Grand Junction for sure. I think it was all in our minds. We were going in the right direction. Obviously when you get to the world series, anything can happen and I think this is the year we could have done it. We could have done it last year too, but I think going into this year, us sophomores realised that what we did last year we could work on and learn from it.”

“We have so much depth. The team had a lot of depth. You could throw two different lineups out there with two different people and I think I would have had just as much confidence in the second one as the first one, so I think we could have made it to the world series.”

JCCC outfielder Landen Wood, who has played his final game as a Cavalier, told us about how COVID-19 has affected his situation as a baseball player.

(Wood) “I guess right now all we can do is just take it day by day and wait and do what we can to prepare for this summer because most can play summer ball. And prepare for guys like me and some of the other sophomores that are transferring. All we can do right now is just prepare mentally, physically and any way we can to just get ready and just kinda move on.”

“I think for the freshmen that are coming back, all they can do is just get ready for this fall. I mean all we can really do is just get ready for next year. There is not much we can do because gyms are closed. I know a lot of guys have had places they can go hit with like a few people or like some people have stuff at their houses. I have stuff at my house hitting-wise. All we can really do is just move on and try not let it sit in our heads for too long, nut really just get ready for the next chapter. Get ready for the next year because that’s all we can really do.”

Landen will be transferring to Missouri State University next year to continue his education and his career as a baseball player. That’s it for your Cavs sports update. From the Campus Ledger, I’m Caleb Durland.



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