Culinary arts hosts a bake sale on campus

By Leo Fotovich ( Fotovich is a video producer for The Campus Ledger. This is his first semester at the college. His favorite part about covering a story is the editing and finalization. He spends most time watching movies and playing video games with friends.


Everybody loves a good pastry, but without any experience they can be a little difficult to make. No worries though, as JCCC has an on-campus pastry shop that just re-opened for curbside pickup that offers a variety of foods. 

(Damian Fraase) “We obviously are not allowed to have the general public in the building so I’ve worked with building security with the emergency management team to do online sales, so we have a fall menu that set up, Megan Casey over in the bursars office helped us with that, we’ve got it all up online, so that’s the big difference between this year and last year between the smaller number of kids that translates to a smaller number of items per sale, it is the fact that we are doing it strictly online now there’s no in person buying. 

However, COVID-19 has caused a couple of problems for the shop that they’ve definitely had to adapt to. 

(Damian Fraase) “Basically, we’re just even more hypersensitive to our sanitation levels, they were always very good but we’re very very conscious particularly when it comes down to handling finished product your hands have to be gloved everybody is wearing a mask all day the kids don’t generally stay on campus for lunch, so I give them a little bit more time to come and go. And then when it comes to serving our drive through guests, we again we’re all masked up we’ve asked that guests that come in and drive in when they pull up, they have a mask on because we have to get information from them who they are what did they order etcetera. We ask them to have a door open, so we don’t have to touch a car door, and then double check the order, we give them their order and then ask them to come out and close their door again. 

Regardless, after a couple months of closure the pastry shop is finally open for curbside pickup so everybody can get their fix of delicious pastries. They have a wide range of items from quick bread all the way to whole cakes. You can find out more information regarding their curbside pickup on the website, or the bakery Facebook page. Next time you have a craving for something sweet, check them out. Reporting for the campus ledger, I’m Leo Fotovich. 



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