Student senate meeting Feb. 22

By Matheus Camossa ( Camossa is a staff reporter for The Campus Ledger. This is his third semester at the college. He loves sports, playing music and hanging out with friends. His biggest dream is to travel around the world helping people.

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The Student Senate held a general assembly meeting on Feb. 22. The main highlights of the meeting included the budget request proposed by the Black Student Union (BSU) and the report of the Election Committee about the upcoming Senator Election, solidifying the application forms for the runners and the timeline for the election.

Yohannes Girma, senator and president of the BSU made a budget request. The budget request was to cover the cost of attendance for Glenn North, a man who spoke to the college on Feb. 24, two days after the senate meeting. North is an award-winning poet and author who uses poetry and speeches to impact people. The main topics of his presentations are his own experiences about being an Afro-American in the U.S. and how he uses poetry to be an activist when dealing with inequality issues. Girma mentioned the importance of events hosted by the college. He explained that events can be inspiring because people can see successes close to them and that inspiration can help in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The total cost of North’s attendance was around $1,000. The money will be divided into three. The BSU paid $100 and the Multicultural Program Activities Council paid $200. The remaining $700 was the request made by Girma where the Student Senate would pay. After Girma left the room and the Senate voted, the request was successful.

The Election Committee report solidified the application forms for the upcoming Senator Election. The timeline for the election process was also solidified. The applications opened on Feb. 22, and they will close on March 22. The campaign will start on March 22, and the runners will have until April 1 to campaign. The elections will occur from March 30 until April 1. The results will be announced on April 2 before 5:00 p.m.

By Matheus Camossa



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