Student car repairs with the automotive department

By Ga Ji Ashlin Wang ( Wang is a video producer for the Campus Ledger. This is his third semester at the college after taking a multi-year hiatus from a bachelor's program. He is an avid skateboarder and has the intention to do lens-based work in advertising, narrative or journalism. He loves traveling and learning about other people’s lives and wishes to meld his passions into a career.


Due to covid 19 automotive technology has not been able to accept student vehicles to work on, however this week they are going to start accepting submissions. 

(Jack Ireland) “As for as why we started doing it or why we do it, It’s to give our students and opportunity to work on additional tasks aside from using our fleet of training vehicles.” 

What type of repairs do you generally offer to students and faculty and what do you try and avoid? 

(Ireland) We don’t necessarily try to avoid anything, it really depends on the educational value, a think to keep in mind is students are entry level. So, if something is a very advanced topic, then that may not be something that we repair or correct. 

Do you have some examples of some recent repairs that you have guys worked on?

(Ireland) “We generally stick to several subject areas for live work, in the fall semester it will generally be our breaks classes, in the spring we’re looking at heating and condition, steering and suspension, and engine performance. Specifically check engine light. 

How do students sign up or submit their vehicles? 

(Ireland) “So, they would contact the instructor for the course, email is the way to go, no phone calls or anything like that. Contact the instructor by email.

What does the student need to provide other than the vehicle? 

(Ireland) “They would provide parts as needed, and that’s really it. 

What’s the timeline you operate off of? 

(Ireland) It’s literally at the discretion of the instructor and the flow of the course, if you need your vehicle repaired quickly, you need to take it to a licensed repair facility. This is about a learning experience for the students, and we want to do it correct and complete and safely. Time is not an issue for us. That is something people to consider, if you need it quickly this is not the way to go. 

If you have a vehicle that needs a little extra love, try submitting and you may be able to save a little money. I’m Ga Ji reporting for the campus ledger. 



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