Artists host Noon at the Nerman event

Dr. Allison Smith, Professor and Chair of Art History & Humanities, introduces the piece “Aggregates of time” Dr.Smith introduced the Zigmunds Priede · Aggregates of Time; exhibit to students. Photos by Stella Subasic, staff photographer.

Artists Penny Thieme and Zig Priede hosted the year’s second Noon at the Nerman on Sept 21. The artists discussed works featured in the exhibition, “Zigmunds Priede: Aggregates of time”, which is currently on display on the first floor of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Priede presented his works at Noon at the Nerman.

Noon at the Nerman is a weekly, interdisciplinary program that examines works of art on display on campus at the Nerman or around campus.

Every Wednesday, attendees gather at the Atrium at noon and then walk to the artwork to be discussed that week. This program will be continuing throughout the duration of the 2022-2023 school year. 

If there are any other questions about this program or if you are interested in presenting, please contact Allison Smith, professor of art history at,

Eliana Klathis, features editor



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