Annual Soberfest hosted on Oct. 5

Soberfest, the annual festival promoting sobriety for students, is being held on Oct. 5. Graphic by Abby Rinehart, news editor.

Soberfest, the annual festival promoting sobriety, will be held on Oct. 5 from 10:30 a.m. through 2 p.m. at Fountain Square. This annual event is held by JCCC’s Sexual Assault Resource Team and Drugs and Alcohol Resource Team. 

Activities at Soberfest are Impaired Mario Kart, which is where students play the game, Mario Kart, while wearing glasses to make it seem like they are intoxicated, as well as potato sack races, volleyball and coloring books. There will also be coffee and donuts from Café Cà Phê.

“[Soberfest is] an event where students will be able to learn how to have fun in college without needing alcohol,” Drake Devine, Student Life ambassador and organizer, said.

Information about the consequences about underage drinking and abusive drinking will be a part of the event. The campus police department will also present on the consequences of underage drinking and buying alcohol for someone underage. 

The Johnson County Rehabilitation Center will also be present to talk about their services and how they are able to help students avoid intoxication.

Students can find out more information about Soberfest at the Student Information Desk or can RSVP here. Resources from the Sexual Assault Resource Team and Drug and Alcohol Resource Team are available here

Arthur Newby, staff reporter



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