LUNA participates in Cambio para Cambio

Members of Latinos United Now and Always, known as LUNA tabling for Cambio para Cambio. Photo by Victor Monterroza.

As we find ourselves in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month, Latinos United Now and Always, known as LUNA, is participating in Cambio para Cambio. Cambio para Cambio translates to, “change for change;” and is a community-run organization that is raising scholarship funds within the greater Kansas City community. 

Daniela Saenz-Quintana, vice president of LUNA, described the importance of this organization by illustrating the impact it has on our students. 

“Cambio para Cambio is our main focus for the fall semester,” Daniela said. “It’s a pride aspect that we’re able to support, to give back to our people.” 

Another aspect of the importance of Cambio para Cambio is validation, a feeling highlighted by Alyssa Jimenez-Garcia, president of LUNA. 

“This is our Super Bowl,” Garcia said. “We want to prove that a community college can do what a university can do. We want to be heard.”

To raise money for Cambio para Cambio, LUNA is currently selling tote bags for $15. LUNA is also selling $4 tickets for a chance to win AirPods Pro in an upcoming chance drawing. The organization is accepting donations as well. 

Moving past stereotypes and properly representing these students is what LUNA’S vision has evolved to. 

Our students are worthy of feelings,” Dr. Melisa Jimenez, co-advisor, said. “We want to let them know that they’re valued.” 

“I want to see the college do something to help LUNA,” Dr. Terri Easley-Giraldo, co-advisor to LUNA, said. “We want students to be themselves, to be their culture.” 

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, LUNA is raising money for Hispanic and Latinx students to support their goal of creating a sense of comfort for Latinx students.

Victor Monterroza, volunteer reporter



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