The path to D1

Micah O’Garro (left) and Alan Lopez (right) share their experiences navigating the world of D1 soccer. Photo by Jhoab Orta, student reporter.
Alan Lopez (jersey 9) kicks the ball into the goal. Photo by Jhoab Orta, student reporter.

JCCC Men’s soccer players Alan Lopez and Micah O’Garro have committed to play Division 1 soccer together at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall of 2023.

Both sophomores stated that the transition to a new university will be made easier because of each other’s presence. In terms of competition preparedness, “We are going to be ready for our competition since our conference was the hardest JUCO division,” Lopez said. The JCCC Men’s soccer team finished the 2022 season ranked top 20 among all community college men’s soccer programs in the U.S.

“I feel like I made the right decision on coming to JCCC,” O’Garro stated. The players said that playing soccer at JCCC has developed both of them as players, leaders, and it has also given them exposure to the most prestigious soccer programs in the nation.

 The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee competes in the Horizon League.

“JCCC helped me become a lot more of a leader, it taught me how to be more mature and responsible,” Lopez said. 

Micah O’Garro (jersey 5) about to kick the ball to a fellow teammate. Photo by Jhoab Orta, student reporter.

The Milwaukee committees expressed that the main thing that they are looking forward to about NCAA Division 1 soccer is the competition. O’Garro said, “The competition and the exposure are the next step to get to the pro level.”

Jhoab Orta, student reporter



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