Friday, October 30, 2020



Challenges in the theater department

Coronavirus has made some major changes to JCCC with classes being moved online and some programs being completely cancelled altogether.  With that in mind,...

Food Wars: Homer’s Coffee House VS Pour Coffeehouse

Autumn is full of fallen leaves, crisp weather and pumpkin spice lattes. Coffee shops over the years have released new fall themed drinks, from...

Defying gravity and defying the odds

JCCC’s theatre department recently put on the show ‘Defying Gravity’ I talked to two actors, Courtney Honors and Travis Hampton about their character and some more insight into...

Meeting new friends during a pandemic

Online classes have been tough, but I think everybody can agree it's been even more difficult to meet new people. Learning is only half the fun at college, the...

How to fix online tech issues

Online classes have been difficult for everybody involved, but teachers and students alike can agree the technical issues are by far the most challenging part...

Tips to study online more effectively

Coronavirus has brought a lot of change to JCCC, but by far the most drastic has been the transition to online classes. With classes starting up after...

KC murals celebrate Black lives


From the field to your table

On September 4, JCCC is holding their annual Harvest Dinner. I talked to Jay Antle, history professor and executive director of the center of sustainability about...
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