SooC52 – Green

This week’s Straight Out Of Camera theme was “Green”. My first thought was, “Have you been outside? Ain’t NUTTIN’ green out there!” So ok, time to think a bit more. I have some green coasters made from old printed circuit boards, which are pretty cool, but no good ideas on how to use them were coming to mind. Finally, I realized that a way that I could incorporate the term “green” in multiple ways setting up a winning roll on our craps table. So I set up the table with typical types of bets, most pass line, a couple of come, a few place bets, and that one jerk that always plays the don’t pass. I set the point to eight, and set the dice to an easy eight. Sucks for the player with the hard eight bet and the jerk playing the don’t pass, but everyone else is a winner and gets some nice cash salad for their efforts!

For the lighting, I used a remote speedlight with a bounce card high and behind the scene and the pop-up flash with one of those little hot-shoe mounted pop-up diffusers.


Here is the exposure data.
Camera Nikon D7000
Exposure 0.003 sec (1/320)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 28 mm
ISO Speed 100

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5 thoughts on “SooC52 – Green”

  1. Great concept here. I’ve never played Craps, it’s not very common over here in the UK. Good use of complimentary colours here too, only red goes this well with green 🙂

  2. I’m in Vegas, and I just stepped into the casino! I know nothing of gambling but this is just great. I love this shot! It has action and movement, and the dutch angle just works with this subject. Looks like a still from a movie. Well done Doug!

  3. Doug, really nice image here! I really like the detail you put into it. I know you staged all of this, but you really did a great job making it look like the dice was thrown and just fell like that. I agree, the “action” is definitely there in this image.

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