New Nat Narrative

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I’m going to introduce a new natural narrative based on my experience 9/21/99.  Here’s where I drafted a story for use with an EAP reading class.  I’m going to include a reference based on a movie I was watching at the time where Chris Rock plays his own identical twin, who was a secret agent type.  It introduced me to the work of Snoop Dogg.

I wrote material for reading class long ago, and I wonder if I really went for a motorcycle ride after 2 am. It wouldn’t have been out of character, but memory is malleable.  I  didn’t remember making that trip but I have a visual flash of all the Taiwanese people in their sleeping clothes out in the street.

Maybe the possibility of earthquakes is why they sleep in more modest night clothes than I ever did.  After the earthquake I did start sleeping with my keys and cash next to my bed at all times.