On the end of Black History month

I may need to do 2 truths and a lie this week.  Jemele Hill, the sharp and witty correspondent from The Atlantic (a conservative mag of repute) and formerly of ESPN, and perhaps the first journalist of color to directly identify the president of racism – addresses the issue of the extent of which athletes own their bodies and the appropriate boundaries thereof.   Makes me also think of Zion Williamson, is he an athlete, or an employee?  Who does he work for, Nike, Duke, the NCAA or other?  Why doesn’t he have a right to go straight to the pros?  Who’s on the hook if Zion’s career is over?  How does race play into our beliefs on this issue? 

Reminds me I have had a couple moments this month (or this month ajacent), which caused me to evaluate my biases and behavior regarding race.  Once I went to buy groceries and the young millennial clerk flashed one of the gang signs of the 90’s;  I responded that Tupac had it coming,  or similar attempt at wit, to discover he was asking if I had 3 or a 5 gallon water bottle.  It was embarrassingly stupid of me.   I’ve also asked a couple people I’ve interacted with where the are from (like originally).  Questionable Content points out that well-adjusted people know by 9 years old that that is a rude question.  But once that sparked a conversation and once that may have offended someone.  My work with international students and the diversity in my own background might make me too apt to ask what might be personal questions outside of proper contexts.  Gotta watch that.