JCCC Model UN Receives Outstanding Delegation Award at NMUN

The Johnson County Community College (JCCC) Model United Nations team is pleased to announce that it received an Outstanding Delegation Award for the portrayal of Niger at the National Model United Nations Conference (NMUN) in New York City, April 13-17, 2014. . 

JCCC was evaluated by the conference on the following criteria for the Distinguished Award: Remaining in Character – defined as advocating your assigned country’s position in a manner consistent with economic, social and geopolitical constraints, Participating in committee – evaluated both during formal and informal (caucusing) sessions, Proper use of the rules of procedure – NMUN uses the rules of procedure to facilitate effective workings of committee and debate.

Three JCCC Students were chosen by the conference to be rapporteur’s who assist with the organization of their conference committee.

Aaron Hafey (Overland Park, KS) served on the General Assembly First Committee: Disarmament “Disarmament is interesting because it depends on the progress made on international security which also contributes to the maintenance of peace in the world.”
Kaitlyn Sylva (Gardner KS) served on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Excellent experience, allowing the JCCC team to bond together and cooperate to achieve the highest accolades possible.” 

Gaelyn McGhee (Overland Park, KS) the General Assembly Third Committee. “The NMUN conference was an unforgettable experience because of meeting students from across the USA and from sixty different countries. I am proud to be a part of such a successful team” said Gaelyn McGhee. “This conference was an experience I will always value; having the opportunity to work with great students from around the world. Model United Nations allows students to understand the international issues at the United Nations while building skills in public speaking and diplomacy. More than 3000 students participated in the conference by proposing resolutions and writing reports dealing with world issues. The conference helps students to further understand global issues and international relations in a forum that allows them to discuss global concerns in an atmosphere that is similar to that of the United Nations. 

In addition to the above, the JCCC team’s success is attributed to Joe Gideon (Independence, MO), Ben Brown (Overland Park, KS), Nathaley Cifaentes Riano (Bogota Colombia/ Merriam KS), Linda Makau (Overland Park, KS),
Danielle Allison (Overland Park, KS), Aaron Swift (Olathe, KS), Elysia Chao (Overland Park, KS) Jeffery Redmond (Olathe, KS), Donald Roth (Prairie Village, KS), Katlyn Pratt (Baldwin, KS), Ammar Essa (Lenexa, KS), Joe Beeso (Gardner KS), Elizabeth Andrews (Tonganoxie, KS), Marie-Kristin Horvat (Lingen, Germany/ Lenexa, KS) Ian Sneid (Leawood, KS), Bennett Hofer (Olathe, KS) Dr. Brian Wright (team advisor)

 “It is a very impressive achievement for JCCC students,” JCCC Model UN faculty advisor and Professor Dr. Brian Wright states “Please understand how much of an achievement this is for JCCC. The National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference New York City is the world’s largest and most prestigious Model United Nations conference. Participants include major universities from throughout the world, each of which sets the main focus of their program on award recognition at New York. Although the NMUN conference is very large, it has kept its number of awards small and to receive one clearly says to the rest of the Model UN community that JCCC has one of the strongest programs in the world. Receiving this award is a exceptional experience for our students that will stay with them throughout their lives.”

This NMUN award caps ten years of success for JCCC, during which the team has received awards at the last 30 consecutive conferences they have attended. It also completes a sweep for the school year with this JCCC team having received awards at the Mid-West Model UN in St. Louis. These conferences are an exceptional educational opportunity for JCCC students and a chance to highlight the school’s academic excellence. JCCC students prepared for the conference through research for position papers, class assignments, and participation at their own MUN simulation. A wide variety of majors are represented on this team, such as Political Science, Business, History, Nursing, Education, English, and Science. 

Marie-Kristin Horvat (Lingen, Germany/Lenexa,KS) the General Assembly Third Committee.
“The National Model United Nations Conference was a unique experience. Working with students from all over the world on topics that concern the global community has been a truly inspiring experience.”

Elizabeth Andrews “The National Model United Nations Conference in New York City is truly an adventure. It is an honor to participate in team building and professional platforms. Learning about the United Nations committees run and creating a bond with fellow delegates is what makes the experience so worth the trip. I highly encourage anyone with a passion for exploration and higher learning to give Model United Nations a try.”

Donald Roth “New York and the conference is amazing. It is a great honor to be able to meet so many passionate people interested in international affairs.”

Ben Brown “When you enter the conference committee`s and witness so many students from around the world working on international issues is unique. Just imagine what we can accomplish in the future.” 

Jeffery Redmond “Learning the international perspective from those who actually hold it was very rewarding.”

Ammar Essa “the conference is an opportunity to interact with students from around the world and solve issues in a learning environment.”

Joe Beeso “The conference shows how students are working diplomatically to fine solutions to issues of human trafficking by consensus. The hope is that the United Nations can do the same.” 

Joe Gideon “I am glad to have the opportunity to network with future leaders from around the world. This is a wonderful learning opportunity that I will not soon forget. I am particularly proud of the contributions made by my fellow JCCC students.