How to: Canvas Grades to Banner

Beginning Summer 2022 all Canvas courses will have the ability to push letter grades from the Canvas gradebook to the MyJCCC Faculty Grade Portal in Banner.  This will save time for many of you and avoid mistakes.  This new grade push will still require last date of attendance for any F grade submitted.  We still recommend to login to the Faculty Grade Entry portal to confirm grade submissions.

Key things to consider on entry:

  1. You may enter any grade and it will override Canvas calculations.
  2. For an F (Final Grade), you will be required to enter the Last Attended Date.
  3. For an I (Incomplete), you must enter I in Final Grade, F in Incomplete Final Grade, and leave the Extension Date blank.
  4. If you encounter an error with any Grade Push try using the Grade Portal in MyJCCC to correct any errors.

Please reach out to the Ed Tech Center if you have any questions about using this grade push process.

Grade Push from Canvas to Banner – PDF Guide

Grades from Canvas to Banner – Video


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