Students at the college are looking forward to spring break    


With Spring Break coming up, students like Ben Fregoso shared their plans for the week off from classes. 

I’m traveling, going to see family out in the West coastparticularly [in the] Los Angeles area,” Fregoso said. So yeah, [with the] weather out there, spring break should be nice. Maybe go to the beach, I might do that. 

 Some students like Maria Marinez and Erik Dolasky have more laid back plans. 

 Marinez said, “I am planning on working, and just relaxing. 

“Probably going to stay in town, just work, go to the gym, play video games, kind of what I usually do,” Dolasky said. “Definitely a much needed break. I might pick up a couple extra shifts just so I don’t have too much time on my hands but, you know, just [going to] hang around, see what happens. 

 Others, like Kathryn Lee, are travelling to warmer locations to escape the lengthy Kansas winter. 

I’m going to Destin, Florida with my two best friends and our moms,” Lee said. “We’re probably just going to go to the beach and hang out and do stuff like that. I’m like, so excited to get out of the cold weather. 

Students also gave some recommendations for those who are stuck at home over the break.   

Fregoso said, “In terms of here, just go out or stay in. Depends on the person, really.

“Walking downtown I always like to do just cause there’s so many things to see and so many people and fountains,” Martinez said. “Also, if you’re afraid of the cold, Nelson Atkins Museum is free, and they have these new spotlight tours.”

Dolasky said, “I think we’re supposed to get some snow soon, so some activities in the snow, go sledding or something crazy with your friends.” 

 Lee said. “I’d go to Insomnia Cookies downtown cause it’s my favorite place to go.” 

For the Campus Ledger, I’m Vincent Amiri. 




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