Former CEO of Starbucks holds a town hall at the college

Howard Schultz hosting a town hall in the CoLab. Photo by Vincent Amiri, The Campus Ledger.

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Aspiring presidential candidate and former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, conducted a town hall meeting at the college on April 9, to discuss his policies and answer questions from students.

Intending to run as a centrist independent, Schultz focused most of his opening speech on immigration, national debt, healthcare, the future of education and his problems with the bi-partisan system.

“We have a range of serious issues and challenges,” Schultz said. “The immigration problem at the border…the national debt is $22 trillion, we have a healthcare crisis, and we have a K-12 problem that should be fixed.”

Schultz also focused on the bi-partisan system throughout his speech, discussing the approach that Democrats and Republicans have to the problems he mentioned.

“There’s a lack of dignity and values in the white house and in the oval office,” Schultz said. “The two parties are steeped in allowed ideology, self-interest and are more interested in their own re-election.”

A few students in attendance agreed with his centrist notions of compromise and acknowledged that there is a problem with partisanship in the government. One of them was student Ahmed Bonkhousse, who was interested in listening to different ideas that Schultz had to offer.

“I like how he is trying to find a common ground between the two parties,” Ahmed Bonkhousse said. “I know all politicians say the same thing, but it is really challenging when you are in that position.”

As far as what he liked, Bonkohousse was interested in some of Schultz’s ideas on nationwide problems.

“I like the idea of compromising,” Bonkhousse continued. “You have to find a solution to the problems [we face]. I think that he had great ideas, I liked his ideas about immigration, I feel like he hit the truth there.”

Eric Stefee, student, also attended the town hall and listened to what Schultz had to say.

“[Schultz] speaks with a lot of confidence and coming from a background like us, he is just a normal person, not born into wealth, not born into anything,” Stefee said. “I like where he is coming from and I like his ideas.”

In general, Stefee seemed excited to participate in the town hall, and hopes to see more of the possible candidate.

Stefee said, “I want to see his heart and his aspirations with [running for president] and him taking that seriously. It was really cool to meet him and hear him answer our questions.”



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