Monthly trivia series brings a sense of community to students in food court

The Lunch Time Trivia announcement in the Food Court. Photo by Dakota Zugelder.

The campus’ monthly Lunch Time Trivia series occurred today in the Food Court at noon. Hosts Andrea Vieux, professor of political science, and Dave Crug, professor of accounting, spoke into microphones to be heard over the roaring of the packed food court as students digitally answered questions about pop culture and the college’s history. 

Vieux offered insight as to why so many students participated in the trivia, which was done through the popular website Kahoot.  

“They enjoy it because they’re learning stuff along the way about [the college’s] history, but then they’re also going to know some of the other stuff about Lizzo or Lil Nas X and things like that,” Vieux said. “I think they have a good time with it too because it kind of builds community in this space, and it allows them to engage with other people who are also students. It creates a party-like feeling around lunchtime, which is kind of awesome.” 

The focus on college history this month stemmed from the fact that this is the college’s 50th anniversary. Next month, the questions will focus on Hispanic and Latino trivia as part of Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month, while October’s questions will focus on LGBTQ+ history.  

The event occurs on the fourth Wednesday of each month, with one round at noon and a second round of new questions at 12:30. This November, however, the event (with a focus on Indigenous people) will occur on the third Wednesday due to Thanksgiving break.  

Vieux partners with the Center for Student Involvement to put on the monthly trivia series. While members of the center, including Anne Turney and Cassie Fulk, schedule and plan for the games, Vieux writes the questions and hosts. The Center for Student Involvement also provides the prizes which are awarded to participants. 

“The first prize is a $15 Cav gift card, the second is a $10 card and the third prize is a $5 card,” Vieux said. “[The cards] can be used at the bookstore, in the Food Court and at the coffee shops…So, that’s also maybe why students are so engaged, because they’re playing for something tangible.”


Story by Samantha Joslin



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