Mental health resources for JCCC students

JCCC's Counseling Center provides resources to assist students mental and emotional wellbeing. Photo by Tracy Q.

Students who need mental or emotional support can access resources throughout the school year at JCCC. These services are available through Johnson County Mental Health, located on campus, or Deer Oaks Mental Health, located off campus, through Zoom or by phone call. 

To receive help from either service the student in need must first meet with a counselor from the Academic Advising and Counseling center to be referred, at no cost, to JCCC’s Student Assistance Program. The counselor will answer any questions and guide students through JCCC’s personal counseling services.

The program provides short-term counseling for personal and mental health issues. Students who are referred by a JCCC counselor can use up to five sessions of the Student Assistance Program for free.

JCCC Counselor Bruce Harvey emphasized the effect counseling can have on students.  

“Research shows that making a connection on campus is one of the factors on making success on campus,” Harvey said. “Counseling is a great way to make a connection on campus. We see counseling as holistic.” 

Full-time student Gabe Raiden said he learned about JCCC’s counseling services soon after starting classes and that they have been helpful throughout his college journey. 

“I find them very helpful,” Raiden said. “You can always feel the genuineness. You can always feel that they do everything they can to try and help.” 

Students can meet with counselors in the Academic Advising and Counseling center by walk-in, or scheduled appointments. Appointments can be scheduled ahead of time by calling (913) 469-3809. 

  • Appointments are offered both in person and through Zoom.
  • The Academic Advising and Counseling center is in the Student Success Center on the second floor of SC.
  • The center’s hours are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Student Basic Needs Center, located COM 319, provides information and resources to JCCC students whose academic and professional goals are affected by personal hardships. The center provides the following resources: 

  • The Cav Cupboard, a food pantry for JCCC students, which provides food, hygiene products and school supplies. Students can receive up to 15 items and eight personal care items twice a week. 
  • A laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot loan program for enrolled students free of charge. 
  • Information for securing housing, applying for federal programs, finding childcare, medical care and legal aid. 
  • Assistance finding transportation to campus and back.
In an earlier version of this story, The Campus Ledger incorrectly reported that there was a cost for students to receive a referral to JCCC’s Student Assistance Program. The second paragraph of this story has been edited to reflect that there is no cost to the student for receiving a referral.

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