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Tip! Important Canvas Updates

Two significant items are included in the updates being applied to Canvas next week: changes to how the “student view” is accessed, and changes to the “rich content editor” (the boxes for composing web-page style content which show up for communicating information throughout Canvas).

The New Rich Content Editor

The New Rich Content Editor includes the content area [1], the menubar [2], and the toolbar.

In the content area, you can add and preview the page content [1].

In the menubar, you can use the menu options to format the page content [2].

In the toolbar, you can format text [3]; insert links, images, media, and documents [4]; open external tools [5]; format paragraphs [6]; clear formatting [7]; add tables [8]; and insert an equation [9]. When content in a browser window is long enough to require a scroll bar, the toolbar is fixed at the top of the browser window.

Distributed Student View

To this point, the “Student View” was only available from the “home page” of a class or through its “Settings” tool.

The “Student View” button available through the “Settings” tool is unchanged. The same button on the “home page” has been removed in favor of a “spectacles” icon button which is now present in the top right corner of any page which can be viewed by a student.