Halloween obsession isn’t “Psycho”


By Lindsay Sax 

I have a beautiful baby girl, she has dark as night b l a c k hair, red, a l m o n d s h a p e d eyes and wrinkly skin the color of a cloudy grey day. When you walk by she cries the cries of a tortured demon. Her name is Demonica, and she’s a zombie.

Demonica and I go back three years when my mom bought her for me for Halloween. My roommates were freaked and all our friends thought I was psychotic. People have covered her up when they were sleeping on the couch afraid to wake up to her.

I have a shower curtain with bloody handprints all over it. So, wanting to share my awesome decorating skills, I took a picture and put it on Instagram. When I showed up at work the next day the talk was “Hey Sax, show them your bathroom picture.” “Ew that’s gross” they’d say.

But it’s really not. It’s Halloween. Halloween is full of decorations, creepy and bloody. It doesn’t make me weird. My obsession with scary decorations and movies doesn’t make me any different from someone who watches the same Christmas movie every year when putting up a Christmas tree. I don’t call them weird.

I can pretty much compare judging me and my awesome Halloween spirit to judging someone by the way they dress, the way they look or the way the talk. We were taught as kids to be accepting of all people, and that includes people who might be a little obsessive with Halloween and having crazy, gory, bloody decorations.

But apparently I’m different. The last few Halloween’s you could find me dressed as a dead Ninja Turtle, bloody Little Red Riding Hood, who got attacked by the wolf, and my favorite costume of all time, Melanie Daniels from Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Most people didn’t understand what I was. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s obvious, I have fake birds glued to my clothes and on my head and I’m covered in blood. While everyone else in my group was a boring 80’s girl, a pirate or a school girl. If you look for me this year, I’ll be the one wrapped in a bloody shower curtain with a knife sticking out of my chest. That’s weird I’ve heard, it’s the movie “Psycho” I tell them, it’s awesome.

I don’t have thoughts of going around and actually making my own bloody decorations with real blood. Here’s the crazy thing. I’m actually terrified of blood. If I saw a pool of it on the sidewalk I would probably pass out right there. The thought of carrying a giant knife around is scary; I don’t even own a knife sharp enough to cut anything. And if people think I’m going to go all “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” don’t worry, I don’t use lawn tools.

So, my obsession with Halloween isn’t weird. I’m not crazy or a witch. Although my birthday is on Halloween, just like a Disney Channel movie, maybe this is the year that I get some supernatural powers, that would be pretty sweet. Till then, me and Demonica are going to go watch “Psycho” to get my screaming face perfected for my costume.

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