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Java Jazz, located on floor 1.5 of COM, is the largest of four espresso bars on campus, all under the direction of Coffee Shop and Food Court Manager Jason Arnett.

“Java Jazz is a hip-happenin’ coffee bar where we sell straight up coffee roasted locally by the Roasterie of Kansas City,” said Arnett. “We do espresso drinks and we have smoothies that are mostly pretty good for you.”

Along with coffee and smoothies, Java Jazz provides students with options for quick meals, such as sandwiches, vegetables and hummus, pastries and prepackaged snacks including granola bars and nuts.

This semester, Java Jazz will be offering students a bundle deal, where a discount of $0.50 will be applied to the combined purchase of a coffee and a food item. Additionally, Java Jazz will be continuing their Frequent Filler Card promotion, where customers receive one stamp for every cup of coffee they purchase using the house paper cups, or two stamps if they bring their own reusable cup. Once the customer has accumulated 12 stamps, a $4 discount is applied to their next purchase.

Pricewise, Student Admissions Ambassador Tiger Harris-Webster said he believes the cost of food and drink at Java Jazz to be very reasonable.

“I feel like it’s a pretty good deal,” Harris-Webster said.

The prices, however, aren’t the thing that appeals most to Harris-Webster. In his opinion, the atmosphere of Java Jazz is its real draw.

“I really enjoy the environment here,” Harris-Webster said. “The colors, they’ve got some kind of funky lights, the artwork, you get students coming in that you can talk to, and they have a computer right here as well that you’re able to access. There’s just a lot of positive, good things about this area.”

According to barista Conor McNeice, the atmosphere differs from other coffee shops on campus in that customers are able to sit in the shop and enjoy their food and drink.

“You’re able to sit down, have your lunch and drink your coffee, whereas the other coffee shops are more of a ‘get your coffee and go’ type place,” McNeice said .

Other espresso bar locations on campus include Encore Espresso, which is located in the Carlsen Center, Café Tempo in the Regnier Center and ViBe, which is located on the second floor of CLB.

“Each shop has its own unique identity and we try to do interesting things in each place,” Arnett said.

During the fall semester, Java Jazz is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday.

ECAV Station Manager Adriana Williamson reports on Java Jazz.

Article by Editor-in-Chief Nell Gross and Managing Editor Joe Hooper. Video by JCAV Associate Producers Malik Hall and Cierra Winciker. Audio by ECAV Station Manager Adriana Williamson. 


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