Pizza with police helps students connect with officers

Some people gathered around, talking with each other and Dan Robles, Crimes Prevention Officer, while waiting for some more pizza to come in. Dan Robles has been a Crime Prevention Officer for 8 years but has been with JCCC for 5 years. Photo by Jennifer Tharp, The Campus Ledger

Joseph Adams

Staff reporter

The campus police department recently held a ‘Pizza with Police’ event in the CC on Wednesday Sept. 19th.

Dan Robles, crime prevention officer, passed out free pizza, baseball cards, and soda to any passing students.

Robles, while offering a student a plate, pointed out why student involvement is important to him.

“It is important to have positive interactions with students, instead of only [having interactions] when something bad happens,” Robles said.

The event was well attended with over 100 students coming for a slice; Robles had to double the pizza order.

“We have been trying to do more events like these, we did ‘Coffee with Cops’ and we had a lot more students show up than we thought,” Robles said.

Tagan Rogers, student, agreed that meeting with police on campus makes students feel safer and more willing to talk with police.

“I talked with [Robles] for a bit, he seemed nice. I’m pursuing a criminal justice degree right now, so I thought I would come by,” Rogers said. “I like a multiple topping pizza, but pepperoni is always good.”

Robles does not mess around when it comes to pizza.

“I like basic beef on a pizza, my favorite pizza place is Gino’s in Chicago,” Robles said.

These events forge a relationship between students and the campus police, Robles explained.

“The police department used to be not very well known by students on campus,” Robles said. “We want students to know us because when something happens, who you gonna call, Ghostbusters? No, you’ll call the police.”





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