What we’re working on for this week


    Blue River Road 

    Though the Blue River Road has been closed for years, it is now a local attraction. We paid a visit to the road during the weekend and came back with more details about this interactive Kansas City art piece. 

    Student Senate 

    In this weekly report, we will bring to you the latest updates from the student senate. 

    Column: Net Neutrality 

    Staff reporter, Joseph Adams, will be discussing his views on Net Neutrality, and how the FCC’s decision has affected people’s use of the internet. 

    Cav Moment: Lolita culture on campus 

    Have you heard of Lolita? Did you see people dressed up in formal outfits during the Japan festival? In this Cav Moment we will be exploring the Lolita style and culture on campus. 

    Lace up for Learning  

    The Lace up for Learning 5K, a scholarship funding run/walk, took place last weekend. Our video crew will be talking to participants about the event. 

    Turning sports into a career 

    The sports industry is huge and extremely popular, generating thousands of jobs every year. We will bring to you a feature on how college athletes are turning their pastime into a future career. 

    Sharice Davids 

    Sharice Davids, alumna, is coming back to campus to share her journey from the college to Cornell at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday in the CoLab. 


    In this weekly report, we will update you on any crimes or accidents on campus. 

    Athletes’ Mental Health 

    Not everyone has been an athlete before, but many people have had (or will have) a mental health issue once in their lives. How do athletes deal with the pressures of playing for scholarships? How much does a mistake cost them? We will talk with a few athletes and psychology professors about this unpublicized topic. 

    The Ledger’s 40th birthday 

    As a celebration of The Campus Ledger’s 40th birthday, our editorial staff will present you with their favorite stories over these last forty years!



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