Staying safe during the pandemic

By Rohan Patel (


As Coronavirus is spreading across the globe, there are some steps we can take in order to prevent the virus. Jennifer Menon Parker, the chair of Life Sciences, will educate us on how we can prevent the virus COVID-19.

“Coronavirus does not have to be a thing that scares everyone. It is a virus.  The symptoms are remediated by and prevented by the same stuff that you do in preventing and remediating with the flu. One thing is you want to eat healthy because everything you do helps to bolster your immune system and keep it stronger. Don’t use any of the artificial foods, you know, the pseudo foods that have more ingredients that are scientific than actual food. And stay away from the processed foods, the chips, the you know, fast food stuff.”

“We showed this in the special light, you know here’s a hand that has had no handwashing, you can kind of see it’s all coated with all of the germs etc. The handwashing technique that the CDC recommends which is; wetting your hands, rubbing soap on your hands for 20 seconds, and if you don’t know what 20 seconds is try humming the “Happy Birthday” tune, and then rinsing and patting dry under a towel, a paper towel. Don’t sneeze or cough on people because that’s how the virus is transmitted is through those droplets. Don’t cough out. Make sure you don’t cough in your hands. Make sure you use the elbow, make sure that it covers your nose and your mouth and creates a physical barrier. Avoid shaking hands with people, because as careful as you are you may still have some of the virus on your hands. So, instead, go for the “hi” from a distance, or the elbow bump, or a fist bump.”

“Your phones are one of the filthiest things, because not only do you have it in your hand constantly, but you also potentially put it right up to your face. You can’t exactly wash your phone, but you defiantly can wipe it down. When you’re working on keypads, again, just give it a light wipe down with a Clorox wipe, but it’s always good to keep these surfaces that you touch on a regular basis clean. Even the handles of your backpacks, ok, you’re handling those constantly, every once in a while wipe it down with a Clorox wipe. Now I don’t want to cause a run on Clorox wipes, but I do want you to really think about that contact and keeping those hands clean and keeping that contact to a minimum around other people. That’s the only way we’re going to keep it from spreading.”

This new virus is a big deal, as we are learning more about it, but there’s no reason to panic. Just please wash your hands and take care of yourself. From The Campus Ledger, this is Rohan Patel.



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