What the season might of been for Cav Softball

By Caleb Durland (cdurland@jccc.edu) Durland is the sports video producer for The Campus Ledger. He is currently enrolled in the web development and digital media program. He also creates Chiefs content for Arrowhead Guys. His hobbies include watching football and playing video games.


With COVID-19 spreading across America, almost all sports on all levels have been cancelled. High school, collegiate and pro sports have come to a halt. Johnson County Community College softball was cancelled after just 6 games and they finished 4-2 on the season. Here’s Cavs pitcher, Hallie Henderson, with a story on how the Johnson County softball players found out about the cancellation.

(Hallie Henderson) “They cancelled school until March 30th I think it was at the time. They kinda just told us to go home for the weekend and see our family before we as a team would try to do something just to try and stay in softball shape, because we were determined to come back April 5th and be ready for season. I think it was about a week later, they put on Twitter that the NCJAA had cancelled our season. One of my teammates had sent it in the group chat and we were kind of like, is this true? We kind of realized that it was, but we just didn’t really want to accept it. Just moments after, Coach Aubree had texted us and told us it had cancelled. It was pretty rough. It was a very hard text to get for sure.”

Hallie Henderson told why she thinks her team is so special and how far she thinks they would’ve went if the season was not cancelled.

(Henderson) “We were all super close and we were all determined to do the same thing. And I think that we were all on the same page about everything and I know that if we would have had the season, it would have been one of the best seasons. We would have had a great chance of going to nationals.”

We talked to head coach Aubree Brattin-Volkens and she told us about why she loves this team so much.

(Aubree Brattin-Volkens) “They were fun. They are fun. They’re funny, they take things very seriously, but at the right times. They like to laugh, they like to joke, they like to give each other a hard time, they like to give me a hard time and coach Katie and coach Lonnie. They love the game and they’re very competitive and passionate about what they’re doing, but they’re not so serious that they can’t see the joy of softball. You can’t coach that up. You just can’t. That’s just something that either a kid has in them or a group has within them or they don’t and this group, they definitely have it.”

Aubree also told us this year more than ever, that the Johnson County softball team would contend for a national championship.

(Brattin-Volkens) This year more than ever, I truly can say, I thought we were a national championship contending team. We had the depth in just about every position. We just were an athletic group. We hit the ball so well. We were going to score a lot of runs this year for sure. Defensively we were solid. In the past, we’ve had good pitching, we’ve had good hitting, but we haven’t had that super solid defense all the way around on the field like we did this year. I could put a whole new team on the field for a second game and trust that they were gonna be solid on the mound, defensively, in the batters box. I mean we were set up to go far this year for sure.

That’s it for your Cavs sports update. From The Campus Ledger, I’m Caleb Durland.



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