My experience with COVID-19

By Paige Winters ( Winters is a video producer for The Campus Ledger. This is her second semester at the college. She enjoys covering stories and events on campus through videography. She spends most of her time at local concerts, out with friends or with her dog.


Covid cases have spiked in Johnson County with over four thousand new cases just in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, I was one of those numbers and had to quarantine with my dad, mom and little sister as they awaited their test results.  

(Vivian Winters) “I missed two weeks of school and then I missed my cheer competition for KSHAA which was really sad because I was super excited, but I got to watch them perform online.” 

Fortunately, my case was very mild. With a few headaches, muscle aches and a cough.  Although, we need to remember how dangerous this virus can be especially with cases and deaths rising. 

(Megan Winters) “This is a very highly communicable virus that we are dealing with here that is not going away anytime soon unless you are taking measurements to protect yourself and others.” 

(Trevor Winters) “For me, I actually don’t have the Covid, but because a family member does, I’m quarantined for fourteen days. It’s just the right thing to do, if you don’t quarantine and you go out you can spread it to other people and I work with about one hundred-eighty people and there’s quite a few people who have health conditions or are older, so, I don’t want to be that person who spreads it to them, so you take it upon yourself to, take responsibility, and stay home.”

With Covid cases spiking in nearly every state, and the holidays just around the corner, I asked my family who quarantined with me for some tips on how they got essentials while being isolated.

(Megan Winters) “We had never done the ordering online through the grocery stores and that is something I hope they continue because that was really handy.”

(Trevor Winters) “Well, I ordered online and then it gave you a time that you could pick it up and then they just sent you an email saying hey its ready, then you go out there and they put it in your trunk for you and you’re out.”

With talk of another statewide shut down, we need to not only physically prepare, but mentally as well. It’s easy to do nothing in quarantine, which is why I recommend making a to do list and having goals to get done by the end of the day. If your job is moving to remote work, prepare to make a schedule so you don’t get stressed out. 

(Megan Winters) “I tried to stay regular with the times I went to bed and the times I woke up, just kind of staying active during the day, like I said, I was working remotely it was a little bit slower should I have been in the office, but I just stayed on track with that. Mentally, just kind of, reaching out to friends, I was lucky I had my family around me, like I said my dogs.”

I’m very fortunate that my family is healthy enough to celebrate the holidays this year, but we need to ensure every family can by continuing to follow guidelines. Reporting from The Campus Ledger, this has been Paige Winters. 



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